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Create a Life You Love.

Tune into your purpose and your true potential.

Let me help you on your unique path to joy, abundance and love. Anything is possible when you open yourself to your truth.

Join the New Energy Collective.

It starts with you.

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Meet Hilary

Intuitive Coach, Energy Healer, Readings, Speaker

    My mission is simple:  help you to awaken to your truth and let go of your traumas so you can successfully activate your unique  purpose in this lifetime.  If you feel stuck, trapped, living a lie or paralyzed by figuring out your purpose or how to activate it to achieve joy and abundance, then I am a great match for you.  I’m an experienced intuitive coach, master Life Force Energy Healer® and clairvoyant reader.  I also bring 25 years of professional success (including my recent role as president and CMO of a top five global communications consultancy) to mentor and coach you to create a life you truly love, and to manifest abundance on every level.  When we connect you to your truth, you can easily rise up as a conscious creator and leader in every aspect of your life...

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How Can I Help You?


Mind-Body Integration:

  • Activating the Four Pillars of Abundance (Professional, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual)

  • Creating a Life you Love

  • Ayurveda

  • Loving the Body you were Gifted


Energy Healing:

  • One-on-One Energy Healing Sessions

  • The Power of Grounding

  • Tapping into Your Higher Self

  • Meditation for Creative Souls

  • Clearing Your Energetic Space

  •  Stepping Into Your Power


​Corporate Workshops:

  • Lead from the Heart.

  • Manage your Energy.


Intuitive Coach:


  • One-on-One Sessions

  • New Energy Collective "Community Sessions"

Public Speaking:


  • Ignite your Energy 

  • Conscious Leadership

  • Leading from the Heart

  • College Seminars

  • Corporate Counseling

  • Live Events

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The Journey Towards Abundance Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

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