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Hilary Hanson

Award-winning corporate leader, Intuitive coach,

Level V Life Force Energy Healer & Inspirational speaker.

My mission is simple:  I can help you to awaken to your truth and let go of your traumas so you can successfully activate your unique purpose in this lifetime.  If you feel stuck, trapped, you're living a lie or paralyzed by figuring out your purpose or how to activate it to achieve joy and abundance, then I am a great match for you.  I’m an experienced intuitive coach, master Life Force Energy Healer® and levels of the aura reader.  I also bring 25 years of professional success (including my recent role as president and CMO of a top five global communications consultancy) to mentor and coach you to create a life you truly love, and to manifest abundance on every level.  When you connect you to your truth, you can easily rise up as a conscious creator and leader in every aspect of your life.

I understand the pain of being locked into lies. I know how hard it is to step forward and be seen, when you’ve been programmed to make everything look perfect, to fit in, to be just like everyone else. 10 years ago I was desperately unhappy and emotionally burnt out, carrying inter-generational trauma as the child of a Holocaust survivor, feeling trapped in an unhappy marriage and covering up my spiritual gifts for fear of being different.  My life looked so perfect from the outside with my big job and big house but within I was exhausted, angry and ashamed of my inability to speak, much less live, my truth.

Today, things are very different.  My reinvented life is filled with joy and abundance.  I am aligned with my purpose,  no longer worried about appearances, and able to live in the moment -- fully present for this incredible human experience.  Today I live where I want, in the mountains of Montana.  I embody my calling with daily action.  And I am able to fully give and receive love in every aspect of my life.

You can take a short-cut with my tools to personal growth, consciousness and abundance.  I can help you identify your unique gifts,  purpose and activate your intention for this lifetime.  I want to do this for you, so we can work together in a higher vibrational consciousness to co-create a new, better way of experiencing life on Earth.  One grounded in the truth of universal love and potential.  You are reading this now for a reason.  Nothing is ever random.  The universe is always for you, and never against you.  Let me help you tap into your truth, the knowing you have always had within you. A life you love is within reach.

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