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September is a Fresh Start.

September always symbolizes a fresh start for me – this year more than ever. So much has changed in our world, and for me personally, in 2020. Traditionally, September means my birthday, back-to-school, the change of seasons and the Jewish New Year (in honor of my mom’s traditions). This year, I’m adding a move to a more permanent home in Bozeman, Montana from the ski condo I’ve been sheltering in alone after taking flight from my New York apartment in March due to COVID-19.

The fear of the unknown sometimes overshadows the joy of new beginnings for me – this year, more than ever. Certainly, I’ve never experienced a global pandemic, economic collapse, polarized U.S. political environment, demonstrations for Black Lives Matter, personal stress and more “alone” time than ever in my life as I work virtually day after day. So much has changed, and, so much of that outside change has been scary. Inside, I’ve grown more this year than in any year I can remember perhaps because of the external stress and unusual circumstances. Life is changing in big ways, and that’s empowered me to commit to my personal change in ways I never have before. My commitment to self-care (daily meditation, my Deborah King master energy healing program, hiking and allowing myself to admit to my vulnerability) is helping me feel the most grounded I have ever been as I walk into this September’s fresh start.

Allowing myself to be vulnerable and admit to my fears and anxieties has been one of the best changes this year. At one point this summer, I was simultaneously handling a child in crisis, an unexpected CEO transition at work, relationship issues and the sale of my condo. I felt very overwhelmed and fragile. In the past, I might have numbed myself out with alcohol or ignored my feelings. This time, I called my sister and asked for support. She called or texted me almost every day for several weeks and I made it to the other side of that moment. In the year ahead, I hope to return the favor to someone else in need, and to feel free to ask for help if and when it’s needed.

The Talmud says, “Every blade of grass has its Angel that bends over it and whispers, Grow, Grow.” I hope this September, I can shift my perspective. I want to set my intention to joyfully walk into the unknown with the goal to “grow, grow.”

What’s your intention for this September?

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